KN95 Respirator Protective Mask
KN95 Respirator Protective Mask
KN95 Respirator Protective Mask
KN95 Respirator Protective Mask

KN95 Respirator Protective Mask

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What does KN95 mean?

The standards GB 2626-2006 "Respiratory protective equipment. Non-powered air-purifying particle respirator" and GB 19083-2010 "Technical requirements for protective face mask for medical use" are the classifications. The GB 2626-2006 standard has a transition period until June, then GB 2626 -2019 applies. GB is a national standard that must be observed during product manufacture. Four mask types are distinguished: KN95, KN100 and KP95 as well as KP100. The currently widely used mask type KN95 essentially meets the requirements of the American N95 masks.

10, 20 & 50 packages to choose from

You have the possibility to order different package quantities from us.

Adjustable fit for every head

The breathing mask fits any face shape. It fits both men and women and can be ideally adjusted by the elastic bands. The mask seals cleanly to avoid fogging of glasses etc.

Different fields of application

This mask serves to filter the air from dust, carbon, particles, bacteria and droplets. It offers you reliable protection in many areas of application and workplaces.

Efficient filtering measures

The mask material consists of a 5-layer filter system. The filter layers consist of activated carbon materials and other microfiltration fabrics. This enables a high degree of filtering of particles in the air. Dust, bacteria, allergens, germs, etc. can be effectively avoided.


FDA Registration Certificate (Fiscal Year 2020)

  • Manufacturer: Yiwu Kefeng Jewelry Co., Ltd.
  • Operator Number: 10071081
  • Listing No: D394565
  • Device Name: N95 respirator with antimicrobial/antiviral agent for use by the general public in public health medical emergencies
  • Proprietary Name: KN95 PROTECTIVE MASK

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